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X-Mas Poetry

Source: Album Verses, J. S. Ogilvie (editor), 1884.

Oh! may thy Christmas happy be,
And naught but joy appear,
Is now the wish I send to thee,
And all I love most dear.


Christmas comes, let every heart
In Christmas customs bear its part:
The "old" be "young," the sad be gay,
And smiles chase every care away.


Our Saviour Christ was born
That we might have the Rose without the thorn.
All through His desert life
He felt the thorns of human sin and strife.
His blessed feet were bare
To every hurting brier. He did not spare
One bleeding footstep on the way
He came to trace for us, until the day
The cruel crown was pressed upon the Brow
That smiles upon us from His glory now.
And so He won for us
Sweet, thornless, everlasting flowers thus.
He bids our desert way
Rejoice and blossom as the Rose today.
There is no hidden thorn
In His good gifts of grace. He would adorn
The lives that now are His alone,
With brightness and beauty all his own.
Then praise the Lord who came on Christmas day
To give the Rose and take the thorns away.
Sure, Christmas is a happy time
In spite of wintry weather,
For laugh, and song, and jest go round
When dear friends meet together;
And hearts are warm, and eyes beam bright
In the ruddy glow of Christmas night!


As Christmas offerings meet your eyes,
Still closer be sweet friendship's ties.


Ring in, ring in the revelries,
And let the feast be one
Where not a single guest there is
But Innocence and Fun!
Let Christmas warmth keep winter out,
And joy unbroken reign -
From floor to rooftree send the shout
Till Christmas comes again!


O bright be the day
Sweet echoes resounding,
Love lighting the way
And warm hearts surrounding.
May the breath of His peace
In thy spirit remain,
Till Christmas revisits
The round world again!

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x-mas poetry

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