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William Wordsworth - 14 poems

Though The Bold Wings Of Poesy Affect
Though the bold wings of Poesy affect
The clouds, and wheel around the mountain tops [...]

If Thou Indeed Derive Thy Light From Heaven
If thou indeed derive thy light from Heaven,
Then, to the measure of that heaven-born light, [...]

Resolution And Independence
There was a roaring in the wind all night;
The rain came heavily and fell in floods; [...]

A Poet's Epitaph
Art thou a Statist in the van
Of public conflicts trained and bred? [...]

Scorn Not The Sonnet
Scorn not the Sonnet; Critic, you have frowned,
Mindless of its just honours; with this key [...]

Remembrance Of Collins
Glide gently, thus for ever glide,
O Thames! that other bards may see [...]

At The Grave Of Burns
I shiver, Spirit fierce and bold,
At thought of what I now behold: [...]

To The Sons Of Burns
'Mid crowded obelisks and urns
I sought the untimely grave of Burns; [...]

Earth has not any thing to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by [...]

The Manufacturing Spirit
- An inventive Age
Has wrought, if not with speed of magic, yet [...]

The Factory At Night
- "When soothing darkness spreads
O'er hill and vale," the Wanderer thus expressed [...]

The Working Classes
- Domestic bliss
(Or call it comfort, by a humbler name,) [...]

The God Of Love
The God of Love - ah, benedicite!
How mighty and how great a Lord is he! [...]

She Was A Phantom Of Delight
She was a Phantom of delight
When first she gleamed upon my sight; [...]

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Poems and Poetry of William Wordsworth

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