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Sir Walter Scott, born 1771, died 1832
Poetry of Scott - 13

William Shakespeare, born 1564, died 1616
Poetry of Shakespeare - 8

Dr. Sheckburg, 18th Century
Poetry of Sheckburg - 1

Robert Southey, born 1774, died 1843
Poetry of Southey - 6

Edmund Spenser, born 1553, died 1598-99
Poetry of Spenser - 2

Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd, born 1795, died 1854
Poetry of Talfourd - 1

Lord Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate, born 1809, died 1892
Poetry of Tennyson - 12

The Corn Law Rhymer - see: Ebenezer Elliott

James Thomson, born 1700, died 1748
Poetry of Thomson - 3

William Wordsworth, born 1770, died 1850
Poetry of Wordsworth - 14

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Poetry by Author: Poets S-Z

poetry-love-poems.com is a poetry project to make a poetry collection avaliable on the internet to enable our users to read the poems online. The poetry, classical poem, love poems, etc. are taken from old, antiquarian books and are in parts added with further informations.