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New Year Poems

Source: Album Verses, J. S. Ogilvie (editor), 1884.

Health and prosperity
Your life to cheer,
With every blessing
For the bright New Year.


On this New Year's morning
My wishes take their flight,
And wing to thee a greeting
That would make all things bright.


For friends we strive to pierce
The future, dense and dark,
But not a ray of light
We see, nor faintest spark;
But yet while we have faith to cheer,
We trusting wih "A bright New Year."
I cannot tell what thou wilt bring to me,
O strange New Year,
But tho' thick darkness shrouds thy days and months,
I will not fear.
Why should I fret my heart to know before
What may befall?
With this one thought content - I ask no more -
God knows it all.


O childhood is a golden time,
When all the world is bright,
When sunshine comes with every morn,
Sweet dreams with every night.
Were I a fairy, I would give
To thee a magic kiss,
That should ensure for the New Year,
As fair a time as this.

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new year poems

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