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Thomas Moore - 22 poems

Erin! The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes
Erin, the tear and the smiles in thine eyes,
Blend like the rainbow that hangs in thy skies! [...]

Oh The Shamrock
Through Erin's Isle,
To sport awhile, [...]

Oh, The Sight Entrancing
Oh, the sight entrancing,
When morning's beam is glancing [...]

Forget Not The Field
Forget not the field where they perish'd,
The truest, the last of the brave, [...]

Peace To The Slumb'rers!
Peace to the slumb'rers!
They lie on the battle-plain, [...]

Where Shall We Bury Our Shame?
Where shall we bury our shame?
Where, in what desolate place, [...]

War Song - Remember The Glories Of Brien The Brave
Remember the glories of Brien the brave,
Tho' the days of the hero are o'er; [...]

Sound The Loud Timbrel
Sound the loud Timbrel o'er Egypt's dark sea!
Jehovah has triumph'd - his people are free. [...]

Fallen Is Thy Throne
Fall'n is thy Throne, oh Israel!
Silence is o'er thy plains; [...]

War Against Babylon
"War against Babylon!" shout we around,
Be our banners through earth unfurl'd; [...]

All That 'S Bright Must Fade
All that 's bright must fade, -
The brightest still the fleetest; [...]

This World Is All A Fleeting Show
This world is all a fleeting show,
For man's illusion given; [...]

I Saw The Moon Rise Clear
I saw the moon rise clear
O'er hills and vales of snow, [...]

Oh, Come To Me When Daylight Sets
Oh, come to me when daylight sets;
Sweet! then come to me, [...]

Go Where Glory Waits Thee
Go where glory waits thee,
But, while fame elates thee, [...]

Oh, Soon Return
Our white sail caught the ev'ning ray,
The wave beneath us seem'd to burn, [...]

There Comes A Time
There comes a time, a deary time,
To him whose heart hath flown [...]

Fly To The Desert, Fly With Me
Fly to the desert, fly with me,
Our Arab tents are rude for thee; [...]

Oh, No - Not Ev'n When First We Lov'd
Oh, no - not ev'n when first we lov'd,
Wert thou as dear as now thou art; [...]

'Tis The Last Rose Of Summer
'Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone; [...]

The Meeting On The Ships
When o'er silent seas alone,
For days and nights we 've cheerless gone, [...]

Written On Passing Deadman's Island
See you, beneath yon cloud so dark,
Fast gliding along a gloomy bark? [...]

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Poems and Poetry of Thomas Moore

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