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(from "every man in his humour")

I can refel opinion; and approve
The state of Poesie, such as it is,
Blessed, eternal, and most true divine:
Indeed, if you will look an Poesie,
As she appears in many, poor and lame,
Patch'd up in remmants and old worn-out rags,
Half-starved for want of her peculiar food:
Sacred Invention; then I must confirm
Both your conceit and censure of her merit.
But view her in her glorious ornaments,
Attired in the majesty of art,
Set high in spirit with the precious taste
Of sweet philosophy, and, which is most,
Crown'd with the rich traditions of a soul,
That hates to have her dignity profaned
With any relish of an earthly thought:
Oh then how proud a presence does she bear!
Then is she like herself; fit to be seen
Of none but grave and consecrated eyes!

Ben Jonson . 1574-1637

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