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Felicia Hemans - 8 poems

The Death-Day Of Koerner
A song for the death-day of the brave -
A song of pride! [...]

The Name Of England
The trumpet of the battle
Hath a high and thrilling tone; [...]

The Homes Of England
The stately homes of England!
How beautiful they stand, [...]

England's Dead
Son of the Ocean Isle!
Where sleep your mighty dead? [...]

Sister! Since I Met Thee Last
Sister! since I met thee last,
O'er thy brow a change hath past. [...]

Mother! Oh, Sing Me To Rest
Mother! oh, sing me to rest
As in my bright days departed: [...]

The Broken Flower
Oh! wear it on thy heart, my love!
Still, still a little while! [...]

The Child's First Grief
Oh! call my brother back to me!
I cannot play alone; [...]

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