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Allan Cunningham - 10 poems

It 's Hame, And It 's Hame
It 's hame, and it 's hame, hame fain wad I be,
An' it 's hame, hame, hame, to my ain countree! [...]

The Sun Rises Bright In France
The sun rises bright in France,
And fair sets he; [...]

The Thistle's Grown Aboon The Rose
Full white the Bourbon lily blows,
Still fairer haughty England's rose; [...]

The Lovely Lass Of Inverness
There liv'd a lass in Inverness,
She was the pride of a' the town, [...]

The Waes O' Scotland
When I left thee, bonnie Scotland,
Thou wert fair to see, [...]

My Gentle Hugh Herries
Go seek in the wild glen,
Where streamlets are falling, - [...]

Gordon Of Brackley
Down Dee side came Inveraye,
Whistling and playing; [...]

She 'S Gane To Dwall In Heaven
She 's gane to dwall in heaven, my lassie,
She 's gane to dwall in heaven: [...]

O Nature! holy, meek and mild,
Thou dweller on the mountain wild; [...]

A Wet Sheet And A Flowing Sea
A wet sheet and a flowing sea,
A wind that follows fast, [...]

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