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  Barry Cornwall / Bryan Walter Procter  
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Barry Cornwall - 8 poems

The Prophet
Day broke: - The Morning of a mighty year
Came forth, and smiled; [...]

The Exile's Farewell
Farewell, Old England's shores!
Farewell her rugged men! [...]

Oh, when I was a little boy,
How often was I told [...]

Within And Without
The winds are bitter; the skies are wild;
From the roof comes plunging the drowning rain: [...]

A Pauper's Funeral
It is a chilling thing to see, as I
Have seen - a man go down into the grave [...]

The Poor House
Close at the edge of a busy town,
A huge quadrangular mansion stands; [...]

Il Penseroso And L' Allegro
Old Thames! thy merry waters run
Gloomily now, without star or sun! [...]

The Song Of A Felon's Wife
The brand is on thy brow,
A dark and guilty spot; [...]

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Poems and Poetry of Barry Cornwall (Bryan Walter Procter)

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