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Christmas Poems

Source: Album Verses, J. S. Ogilvie (editor), 1884.

Joy and plenty in the cottage,
Peace and feasting in the hall;
And the voices of the children
Ring out clear above it all:
A merry Christmas!


Ring out, ye bells, o'er all the earth,
To tell with brazen voice,
The tidings of the Saviour's birth
And bid mankind rejoice.


Christmas is coming, and what will it bring?
Many a pleasant and gladdening thing!
Meetings and greetings, and innocent mirth:
All that is brightest and best on the earth.


May piety with wishes placed above,
And steady loyalty and faithful love,
Be thy blessings this Christmas-tide.


True love shall live thro' sorrow's wintry storm,
And bloom afresh on this glad Christmas morn.
O, life is but a river
And in our childhood we,
But a fair and running streamlet
Adorned with flowers, see.

But as we grow more earnest,
The river grows more deep,
And where we laughed in childhood,
We, older, pause to weep.

Each Christmas, as it passes,
Some change to us doth bring,
Yet to our friends the closer,
As time creeps on, we cling.


Hark, the pearly air is trembling,
Liquid music floats along;
Angels, in sweet joy assembling,
Thrill the skies with heavenly song.
"Peace on Earth," is their refrain,
Oh! be it yours this peace to gain.


May health and joy, and peace be thine
Upon this Christmas day,
And happy faces round thee shine
As plenteous as the flowers in May.

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christmas poems

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