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Christmas And New Year Poetry

Source: Album Verses, J. S. Ogilvie (editor), 1884.

Now Christmas comes with hearty cheer,
May kindly thoughts go round,
And bring to you a glad New Year
With peace and plenty crowned.


A little bird comes singing,
Singing a song to you;
He sings of sun-tipped flowers,
Bathed in a diamond dew.
"The days are coming," he warbles,
"When the frost has flown away,
When the earth will be sweet with flowers
And the breath of new-mown hay."

Oh bird so softly singing
Your song of pleasant days,
Go sing to her I fondly love,
Through the wintry cold and bare.
When the heart is light, the days are bright,
And the sun seems ever near;
So sing her your lay this Christmas Day,
And through all the bright New Year.
Gladly now it is my pleasure,
Joys to wish you, without measure,
Happiness and peace attending,
With pure heavenly blessings blending.


Again the festive season's here,
With all that can delight and cheer;
Oh! may you nothing lack each day,
But find fresh blessings strew your way.


Take, my friend, this heartful greeting,
Happy be thy Christmas day,
Faith, and hope, and love here meeting,
Speed thee on thy New Year's way!


Oh joyous be your Christmas-tide,
And bright your New Year, too;
To you may love ne'er be denied;
May all your friends be true.

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christmas and new year poetry

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